Team W.O.T

Team W.O.T. (Wide Open Throttle) was created in 2013 with two goals in mind……

1) Promote the world of high performance driving to the YCCC membership, and

2) Aligned with 1, have some safe and structured fun.

Our creation was fueled at the time by some internal interest but primarily by the success of a few Corvette clubs and other car marques [e.g., BMW, Audi, and Porsche] with their creation of a performance arm to ongoing club activities. These clubs were, and still are, conducting track events and clinics designed to promote a higher use for performance cars. It remains the belief of Team W.O.T. that Corvettes (and our sister Cadillac) are, first and foremost, performance vehicles with a higher design intent than car shows and ice-cream runs. We graciously recognize that not all members are interested in this higher use and, to this day, find and support such uses as totally acceptable. We initially asked only to be accepted and appreciated for what we were and still remain.

Anyone interested in doing a High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) event please contact one of the W.O.T. team members. Our team members will be attending events at Watkins Glen, Summit Point, and Pocono! These events are multiple days so pack a bag!

These highly qualified and trained members of YCCC can assist you in getting to know your Corvette. YCCC would like to thank and recognize our members who comprise Team W.O.T for the work they do not only for YCCC, but for NCCC as a whole.

Please check out this video from Pocono Speedway!