Interested in becoming an important part of our club?

Step 1:  Attend 2 events PRIOR to submitting the applications if you want to join at the next Business Meeting.  The events can be car shows, Business Meetings, ice cream runs, etc…  If you are unable to attend 2 events, your name will be brought up for pending membership and you will have another month to attend another event.

Step 2: Download and print out our New Member Application  Be sure to fill in all pages completely and legibly.

Step 3: Send the completed application to our Membership Officer at the address at the top of our application along with your check for the dues and initiation fees*.  OR bring the completed application and check to the next Business Meeting (See our calendar for dates)

*NOTE: The annual dues and initiation fees INCLUDES your payment to join NCCC.  When you join the York County Corvette Club, you automatically become a member of NCCC.

Do you have a child, niece, nephew, or grandchild under the age of 16?  You can have them sign up as a Future Corvette Owner Association (F.C.O.A.) Member!  Download and print the F.C.O.A. Application